What is Floating Floors?

Floating floors or (Click 'N' Lock) are engineered floors that snap together and do not require nails, staples or glue. They are the easiest type of flooring to install and are usually considered for quick renovations. They are made of several layers of plywood glued together in a crisscross pattern (sometimes replaced by HDF boards) and topped with either a wood veneer or a solid wood layer. Clic 'N' Loc floors are ideal for basements, high moisture level environments and sub floors with radiant heating where solid hardwood may not be installed. They require an underlayment either for sound proofing, moisture protection or both. They are usually available in a wide variety of species, thicknesses that range from 3/8" to 5/8" and widths from 2" to 6"

Even though they're available now with a thick wear layer; floating floors are tricky to sand & refinish since they are now attached to a solid sub-floor beneath them. However, it is relatively easy to change boards that have deep scratches or dents so there's really no need to worry about not sanding & refinishing your floating floor. Floating floors are ideal for DIY & a professional installer is not always required.

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