What is Solid Hardwood Flooring?

A solid hardwood plank is just that; one solid piece of wood cut from a log and milled to have a tongue & grove on all sides. Solid hardwood planks come in a wide variety of species, thicknesses ranging from 5/16" to the more standard 3/4" and widths that vary from 1" to a staggering 12". All solid hardwood can be sanded several times depending on the thickness of the plank and refinished with either a clear coat or a stain. Solid hardwood does not only add a timeless beauty to any construction but raises the value of it as well. It is the most desirable floor covering in the market and the most common in all households.

Solid hardwood floors can only be installed on or above ground levels on a flat & dry surface with acceptable moisture and humidity levels. It is always recommended that a skilled professional installs this type of flooring for future peace of mind.

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